Remember Lottie Moon

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I had the privilege of spending this past week off the map… For my Kentucky folks… “Way way back in the hollars,” and for everyone else… Deep in the mountains.  Maybe I’ll write more about this trip in a future update but as you walk into your churches this morning, I’m hoping that some of you will have opened this email and will feel encouraged to participate in giving through the Lottie Moon Christmas offering.  

Just a quick snippet from the trip:

As a part of this trip we spent two days milling lumber with a chainsaw and then hauling it out of the mountains.  The wood will later be purposed to build beds at a small Bible institute in Simojovel, Mexico where a rotating group of about 10 pastors work through a training program.  My job as you can see from the photos was to help haul the lumber out of the jungle and back to the truck to be transported to Simojovel (2-hours away).  Friends, this was hard work, especially since at the moment I’m not accustomed to physical labor jobs.  What made the situation more complicated was the lack of drinking water.  I brought in about 4 liters of water, not knowing what to expect, but in the end, this wasn’t sufficient for 12-hour work days.  

On the second day I found myself working and walking alone quite a bit.  You can see from the photos that this area of Mexico is incredibly beautiful, so I tried to take advantage of this solitude and scenery for prayer. 

Towards the end of the second day, my body was pretty much used up and on my second to last trip out with wood, there was one particular occasion where I just stopped and put the wood down to rest.  I was trying to gauge whether or not my body was in trouble from dehydration.  I knew that if I kept pushing I’d get my self into serious trouble.  As I rested I began to pray, and just at that moment an incredibly soft and relaxing breeze began to blow.  Friends, it was like air conditioning in the middle of the jungle and I knew, “This is a good place for me to be.”  Where do you think that breeze came from?  I know where it came from and I know the effect it had on my energy levels for completing two more trips out of the jungle with lumber on my back (by the way the path out was 1-mile each way… On day two, I made 8 trips and felt pretty proud of it).

Friends, I wouldn’t have been in this “good place,” if it weren’t for your gifts given through the Lottie Moon Christmas offering.  THANK YOU!

Live Sent!

Josh Cornett, IMB Missionary