Cornett Family: Christmas Update 2018


Merry Christmas!  

The Cornett's are officially winding things down in San Cristobal de Las Casas, Mexico.  We received information last week that our Visas have been approved and we are planning to travel January 7!  We do not have tickets yet, and so things can always change a bit, but that plan looks pretty solid at this point in time.  Praise God!

As I consider our time in San Cristobal and look forward to Colombia, here is the idea that the Lord has made real to me in the last couple of weeks and that I want to carry into the new year:  Romans 5:3-4 teaches us that suffering produces endurance, that endurance leads to character, and that character leads to hope.  We know from 1 Peter 4, that it is a privilege to fellowship in Christ's sufferings.  And in Malachi 3 we learn that the Lord is a refiner's fire.  

Friends, this year we've experienced the reality of these verses in new ways.  The observation I've made is this: the same suffering that leads ultimately to hope, the same fire that refines, the same pruning that leads to growth and health, the same set of difficult, new, or challenging circumstances that can and should produce sanctification in us can also be our undoing.  God is sovereign and he will complete the good work of sanctification/glorification that He has begun in us, but we must cooperate in that process. The heat of the refiner's fire may leave us looking a little more like Christ as we walk through this process of sanctification or be our undoing.  Sanctification? or Sin?  When things get hot, we can look upward or turn inward.  Those are our choices when the heat is on and we've experienced both over the course of our time in San Cristobal.  Through the new and unique challenges and sufferings of the past year, we are seeing all the more clearly just what it means to cooperate with Holy Spirit as we work out our salvation with fear and trembling.  Other times, to our shame we've experienced the volatility, tumult, and destruction that sinful choices leave in their wake.  Ultimately, I'm grateful for the challenge of our circumstances and hopeful for the growth and godliness they can and should produce in us.

We praise God for this year.  He has worked through us!  And He is working in us!  And we know the same is true for you wherever you are.

Maybe that word will be an encouragement to you.  You are making our work and experience overseas possible.  Thank you!  Christ is the JOY that WILL BE for ALL PEOPLE What a privilege it is to be apart of the means of God brining that joy to the ends fo the earth. We are working to that end and your financial support through the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering keeps us where we are so that God can work through us and praise God, in us!  Thank you for your faithful giving!

Live Sent!


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