Colombia at Last!

Colombia Flag.jpg

Picture seven Cornett's running through the Mexico City airport at 10:55 p.m. after being told that our flight to Colombia had been moved up an hour, racing to the Immigration desk to fill out paperwork for seven people, then arriving at the gate to be told that the gate had been changed, Josh and the boys racing ahead to try to hold the plane while I (Jaclyn) carried three backpacks, Evie, and drug a suitcase, all the while trying to encourage three girls on the brink of tears to run while reassuring them that if we missed the flight it was going to be ok.  Then I arrived at the gate to find that Isaac's running had provoked an asthma attack of sorts (which I had his inhaler).  To make a long, story short....  God is faithful, we caught the flight, and we are overjoyed to announce that we made it to Valledupar, Colombia!!


We are grateful for God's provision of a wonderful conjunto (think townhome complex in the States), thanks to the choice of our supervisors.  Praise God it has a pool and is very secure and safe.  The people have also been very welcoming.  Our first weeks here were a whirlwind of buying and setting up a completely empty home with furniture, appliances, internet, etc. in the midst of meeting the needs of five transitioning children and trying to re-train our ears to understand a new accent.  How thankful we are to be more settled each week! (Pictured is a group Wiwa believers along with our supervisors Russ and Sherri in our home.)


We have hit the ground running, working with two main Indigenous groups - the Arhuaco and the Wiwa. We have hosted the Wiwa into our home several times to begin praying and planning.  Josh is meeting with key Arhuacan leaders for discipleship. Josh was also able to take a four hour trip to visit one of the Wiwa communities and when he came home the next day, he told me "There really are no churches among these people."  A sweet reminder from the Lord of why we are here.  We will tuck that away for the discouraging moments and hard days.


Another sweet gift of the Lord was spending my 37th birthday at a Bible Storying training with 4 different Indigenous groups (first picture).  Josh is pictured with two key Wiwa leaders.


Please pray for clarity as we consider schooling options for next year.  Hannah and Evie began at a bilingual school here in February and seem to be enjoying it (even if it does start at 7:00 AM).  The older three are finishing out their school year homeschooling but we are needing clarity as we consider transitioning them into a school.  Kids are resilient but at the same time the constant transitions are hard on them.  We are thankful for friendliness of the other children in our complex praying for the Lord to provide them with friends.   


We are so thankful for parents who have chosen to partner with us in this calling.  They have worked hard to bring us items, to visit us, love on the kids, and so much more.  What a blessing!

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