Typical American Christianity - 7 Minutes with John Piper

It is no secret to anyone who knows me, or really any pastor my age and in my "circles", that John Piper is one of my biggest living influences.  I was first introduced to John Piper's preaching and writing at the end of my college days at the University of Arkansas as I prepared to head to Southern Seminary in Louisville.  No one has helped me have a higher and more biblical view of God than Piper.  

One of the purposes of this Foundry blog is to introduce my flock, my friends, my family, and any other readers, to excellent pastors and theologians and their ministries.  John Piper was pastor of Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis for over 30 years, and he founded and still serves as the Director of Desiring God Ministries.  I commend all of Piper's resources to you, most of which are free at the Desiring God website.  Each day you can feast, even for a few minutes, on biblical truth and God's glory through this dear brother's labors.  

The video clip above is 7 minutes from a 55+ minute sermon preached in January at Passion City Church here in Atlanta.  It is a classic example of Piper's preaching, his wisdom, his style, his voice, his mannerisms, but most of all his theology...a high and biblical view of God and how to live for Him!

It will force you to ask yourself if you want to live out "typical American Christianity" or something radically different?  Hint:  For Piper, typical American Christianity isn't a good thing!

Cody McNutt