Aspen Grove Update: May 2019


by Matt Funk

Thanks for being on the Aspen Grove Church Prayer Team! Here’s how you can join us through prayer.

Spring has been a challenging time for us. The boys finished up the school year, and have grown so much! They love their school and have made so many new friends, and we are so thankful for that. Our home group has struggled along in some ways, with many families’ hectic schedules preventing them from being involved consistently. However, we have continued pushing forward. We’ve had a couple of successful service projects, which you can see below!


We helped serve and care for kids at the Douglas County Foster Parents Banquet.


We’ve made gift bags and we try to consistently deliver them to new residents or people who have purchased new homes in Parker.


We hosted a casual prayer gathering after the recent school shooting in our area. Over 20 people attended and prayed fervently!


We got some late season snow, two days before school let out, which was wet and heavy, causing damage to lots of trees, and moving our kids’ Field Day (which we volunteered at) inside.

We added a lovely woman named Shiro (from Kenya) to our group. She said she heard about our church from a lady she spoke to at Dunkin Donuts. We have no idea who that would have been, but praise God for sending her our way! We have seen a lot of spiritual growth in other families involved with us, and another family, the Zane’s (whom you have prayed for) will be joining us as well!


We are also very excited to welcome Courtney Jackson from Covington, as God answered prayers and provided her with a great job nearby, and she will be arriving sometime in July! Pray for Courtney!

We are so excited for summer, and we have a lot planned! We are so thankful to be hosting another mission team from FBC Covington to help us pull off 3 neighborhood block parties this weekend! Pray for them as they help us meet new people and share the gospel! We are hosting our Community Meal and Bible Study on the first and third Sundays of June and July, and will be diving into Proverbs. Pray that more families connect through this study! Then, we have several major outreach events that need a lot of prayer. Jumping through hoops and red tape in organizing these community outreach events has been a major struggle. Please pray that we find favor in these communities and are able to do all that we planned.

  • Prayer in the Park - After our last Prayer in the Park, people have asked that it be a monthly event. So, we’re gathering again June 8th!

  • H2O’Brien Water Park Outreach - We’ve rented a pavilion at a small local water park and invited people to come fellowship with us. We have been SHOCKED that, while we really haven’t even promoted it much, over 100 people have registered! Pray that we can handle it!

  • Outdoor Movie Nights - We are setting up a screen and projector and showing some classic movies in public parks twice this summer. Pray that people come and that we are able to make meaningful connections. Also pray that the weather actually cooperates!

  • Whoopee Cushion Demonstration - Since we happen to be the Guinness World Record holders for the World’s Largest Whoopee Cushion, why not use it as a tool for outreach? We’ll be holding a short event downtown on July 20th where people can experience it and take photos.

Pray for effectiveness in outreach, that believers and people of peace will be drawn into our mission, and that non-believers will respond to the gospel!